Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I *am* the artist, and made you out of pixels and vectors and...

Well hello there,

This is my second try at using and maintaining a blog. The previous blog failed on various levels, and I gathered it was because I lacked the English abilities to really write anything (read: lame excuse for having a painfully boring life). Also, dutch fact: I am... not Dutch (as you've probably figured from that profile picture and blog background. And by the way, what do you think of this blog design? I spent some good 3 hours messing around with Photoshop and Blogger on one of the crappiest internet connections trying to make things look good. :/ ) (That bracketed bit was unnecessarily chunky) (Another dutch fact: I sidetrack a lot. My blog posts are probably gonna be extremely incoherent)

So wait. Where were we? Ah, right. I'm not Dutch. I'm Vietnamese. First fifteen years in Vietnam, following four in Singapore (DO
NOT send your kids to high school/pre-university there, or they'll be deprived of beautiful teenage years), and the coming three in Australia. And you can call me Wally. Just a little bit of introduction there, so we're not complete strangers. On the intarwebz. Lol.

I actually do have a lot of other irrelevant things about myself to blog about (dutch fact: I'm egotistic, vain and proud) but since it's 2:30 AM and there's a lecture in just over 8 hours, I shall do that in other entries to come. Now, for something
relevant. I love Ellie Goulding. (please Google immediately if you don't know her!) And no, it's not just some ordinary celebrity crush it's actual lo-- ahem. Beside that, and the fact that my blog music is mostly her songs (handy little widget right there eh? Me likey.), I have created a huge set of Ellie Goulding-themed items for The Sims 3. And assuming you're reading this post because you've known me from Mod The Sims, I shall skip another potentially lengthy description of my creator self. (my former FIFA creator self, however, could be explored later ;D) Jesus. Did I mention I sidetracked a lot?

Anyway. These items come in six separate uploads on Mod The Sims, and are what I consider most important amongst all my creations thus far. Download links to all these items can be found in the last part of the pack, the Ellie Goulding Sim herself. :)

Here are some screenshots to illustrate the Sim and some of the other mentioned items:

And here's the link to the actual upload on MTS (where you can find the rest of the items as well):

Annnd, that's about it for my first (serious) post on the dutch blog!

Until next time, stay tuned.


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