Friday, August 5, 2011

Daily Dose of dutch #4

Hello. It is I, the boy who does not sleep.

Well, I actually do. Long hours too. However, only after some 30 hours awake. But that doesn't really matter much, because I have been productive - churning out paintings and drawings, being constantly on chat and still having a social life. In fact, I am going out to town later today, having drinks with some friends, then going with them and possibly another group of people to a concert. Woohoo! :)

Okay, wait. Let's backtrack a little bit. Chronological order and all.

First of all, the Art-Off contest (mentioned in the previous two updates) is cruising really smoothly. Everyone is so inspired and enthusiastic in creating portraits of their smug mugs :D I've also finished mine:
That was done in about 6 hours in pencil and watercolors on A3 paper. I personally am quite satisfied with how the painting turned out. But everyone else did great too! There's stuff I can learn from every single one of their entries. :) Once again, to follow the progress of the contest, check out the official Art-Off thread at MTS.

Residual inspiration from the above contest also helped me conceptualize a new series (probably three two five) of themed watercolor paintings. Thoroughly explaining these concepts, however, would be tedious and confusing and take away all the fun of doing art critic. Therefore I'll just let the paintings do their part. Hopefully my intended messages are delivered well enough.

The first painting was done last night. 5 hours, watercolors on A3 paper. Titled 'The Back-up Singer'
In case you haven't noticed, the guy in the foreground is supposed to be Kanye West
And finally, here are some more sketches from my Thursday Life Drawing class:

The lines and marks made in these sketches were different from the previous set I posted, as the focus was on the figures' volumes rather than their contours this time round.

Also, trolling and goofing around on Skype and #TSS with armiel, dal, Kayla, beautiful missroxor, Morph and Q was massively fun. I look forward to similar sessions in the future. As in, every day. :3

That's all I can think of for now.
Till next time!


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