Monday, August 1, 2011

Daily Dose of dutch #3

Hello, netizens!

I actually got some schoolwork done today at the library. While Skyping. Those two things aren't really supposed to be done simultaneously, but somehow they work that way for me. And you know the art contest thing that I mentioned in my previous update? Well it seems to be pretty warmly welcomed: MTS's HystericalParoxysm and Arisuka have both said (on Skype, so don't be 100% hopeful now) that they'd be participating. Beautiful missroxor has bought new pencils just for the occasion and daluved1 has in fact done some serious work, shading and all. \o/ (<-- Apparently, that appears as a really hippy dancing emoticon thing on Skype. Random fact I learned today.) I have also done some quick sketching myself. For more on the contest, visit the official thread: The Art-Off!

However, the second and most important piece of news I've got today is the fact that I have been featured for the second time at MTS! :D And even more importantly, this feature is my Ellie Goulding sim! Words cannot describe how satisfied I am knowing my precious little project was well-appreciated. :') If you have missed my previous post about this upload at MTS, here's the link to it again (after picture):

I'm also going to start on an Ellen Page sim. She's extremely cute. And her name starts with 'Ell'. Lol.

In other, less important news, it's getting kinda hot again here in Hobart, even though it could get as low as 0 degree Celsius last week. I wouldn't be surprised if it gets freezing again next week. Weird weather is weird. It does help the flowers blossom, though.
Are those actually cherry blossoms? I don't even know. :/
And that's about it for today's update, folks.

Tune in next time! ;)


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heaven said...

I think Ellen Page is cute too. :)

Also, I was watching TV last night and saw a Verizon iPhone commercial with Ellie! Of course, I immediately thought of you. I would have had no idea who she was otherwise.