Sunday, August 14, 2011

Daily Dose of dutch #5

Yup, I know. This #5 is over a week after #4. I haven't even maintained this blog for a month yet and I'm already starting to get lazy.


The reason why I haven't been blogging is because there's been so many awesome things happening continuously, simultaneously, alltheotherly's.

Right, uhhh. Where to start. Last Friday night. (Nope, NOT a Katy Perry song.)

Last Friday night:

Went out to a Diner/Bar place called T42, one of my favorite chill out places here in Hobart. Near school, next to the wharf, not too crowded, good food, perfect. That was 6PM. I had dinner with Carly there, and we later had a beer each when Thomas showed up. Thomas also made me broke by shouting him that beer, which brought the total amount he owed me up to $50. Lesson learned: Do not lend money to people who will never pay you back unless you're broke as a hobo.

Anyway, that didn't spoil the fun for the night, for we went to another bar called the Irish Murphy's (typical name for a bar where you get wasted and watch fights. Or get in fights.) where my other friend V showed up, had a couple more beers. Then we hopped to another bar, met Mel (Carly's housemate), Jess (Carly's long-time friend) and Daniel (Mel's friend). Several more beers. Walked half an hour back in town to Isobar, couple shots, then on to the last bar where we drank shots like crazy, danced, talked shit, danced some more, talked some more shit, saw so many faces my vision slowly got saturated and couldn't tell friends from foes. Well, maybe not that bad.

And that ended at 5AM on Saturday. Started at 6PM Friday night.


So after that, Carly, Mel, Daniel and I cabbed back to their place where I spent the next 4 hours in bed, more hungover than asleep.

Last Saturday:

After said 4 hours in bed, I woke up. Well, not exactly woke up since I never really fell asleep. But anyway. I spent two minutes staring blankly at the ceiling, then another minute at Carly who was doing the exact same thing next to me. And we were like: 'Let's go do some performance art.'

Just like that, we immediately got up, got changed, rang up people to give us a ride to town where we could go to the Salamanca Market (one that only opens every Saturday between 9AM and 3PM) to carry out this performance art piece. It was on a total whim, but luckily also coincided with Carly's Core Studies project (I've already done it during Winter school) which would be due the following Monday (meaning there wasn't much time left and her previous idea wasn't so warmly welcomed in class discussions)

So here's the idea, in the simplest manner I can put it:
People have personal issues. These issues put a brake on their personalities, their social relationships, their productivity. These issues make the society look down on them, cast them aside. These issues, make them outcasts. However, everybody has issues. And, in a sense, that makes having issue a non-issue. Instead of bottling up, one way to break free, amongst countless ways, is to speak up. By doing so, they can partly release their depressing thoughts, connect with other people who share the same voice and ultimately earn themselves a new social circle they might not have thought existed. Also, by speaking up, without fear, without holding back, they are making a statement that society should treat them the same, that issues of any scale are simply issues. These issues are normal. And the best way to deal with them is together.
Now I won't directly link these ideas to the photos I'm about to post, since that'd take me another hour and I'm lazy to do that.

The performance was done in about two hours, in the rain, at the Salamanca Market. All volunteers were asked to write on paper one thing about themselves that troubled them, tape it to their backs and stand in a row.

In addition to this very interesting little performance that we did (at least I had a good time), we saw a little girl playing on the muddy grass in the rain, on our way to the market. She was the epitome of adorable. We couldn't stop going d'awwww, so we asked her dad to let us take some photos. Every single one of them was candid. As if she needed to pose. :)
For more documented pictures of our little journey to the market last Saturday, check out Carly's album on Facebook. (Don't worry, I got her permission)

Last Sunday:

I think I did mention that the performance piece we did the previous day coincided with Carly's project. Alright. Because I was helping her with it, we spent most of Sunday afternoon at the Art campus trying to collate everything, whip up the rationale (which you've seen above) and some more relevant things. But to be honest that was quite a lot of stuff to try to get done just a day before submission deadline. And we didn't even make full use of that day. Reason? We got high at night.

Yup. So after the campus was closed at 5 (Not our fault we wanted to stop working. They closed the school! :D) we walked over to Jamie and John's. These guys, have THE chill out place, man. Huge, bombastic, high quality speakers. Dubstep. Lava lamp. Strobe light. Disco lights. Smoke detector blocked. Fluffy lounge sofa. And, the shit. They. Have. A HUGE bag. Of good stuff.

We were tripping nuts.

Till like around 2 AM, when everyone kind of started to sober up and Carly and I realized we needed to get some sleep if we were to get up at 6.30 in the morning to try and finish the last bits of her project.

(The next day isn't really gonna be included in this post but basically we kinda finished the project just in the nick of time, submit it, herp derp for the rest of the day. I also did two quick sketches of my Art Theory classmates Campbell and Alice, because tutorial was boring as fuck.
But that's all for Monday. Nothing special.)

This Friday:

Nothing much happened on the Friday itself, due to the fact that I pulled an all-nighter trying to finish the Femme Fatale essay for Art theory. I also learned that summarizing fourteen pages of some smartassy lady blabbering the same statements in 54738472 different manners just to show off some knowledge isn't on the list of my favorite things to do. Nonetheless, I handed in the essay way early in the morning, when deadline is 5 in the afternoon. Something to be proud of, considering how I usually submitted Art Theory essays just on the dot.

The highlight of the day, though, was the fact that I pulled through without dropping dead in the afternoon (with the help of a can of energy drink) to finish my imaginary Flash movie poster. Not schoolwork. Not a commission. Just a tribute, considering there's a possibility DC Comics might write him off continuity in the reboot of their major titles this month.
Top left: Captain Cold; Bottom left: Linda Park; Middle: The Flash; Top right: Wally West; Bottom right: Iris West; Approximately 6 hours; Watercolors on A3 paper
Then I got a lift back to my house where I spent the next fourteen hours in bed.

This Saturday:

Got a 10AM wake-up call from Carly. Got my shit together and went to the Salamanca Market, again, to hang out with her and Mel. Well yeah, 'hang out' is of course code for 'get stoned'. So, we got stoned, right in front of the War Memorial thing where they carve names of people in stone. Ha! I made a pun! I made a funny!


Moving on.

I must say, Carly and Mel prepared thoroughly for the shindig: they sat up all night the previous night to roll joints so that everybody would have a good, uninterrupted trip the following day. And it was a massively fun trip indeed. We each smoked a joint, went back into the market, bumped into people, laughed madly, drew attention, averted attention, met acquaintances, freaked out acquaintances, then went to the wharf. Realizing the wharf had already been taken by a kissing couple on a fucking windy afternoon, we proceeded to go to school, of all places, for the next joint. I wouldn't question this logic.

So we got in, and noticed that instead of the nice security guard who seemed to be there every day, the grumpy security guard was on shift instead. We freaked out a little bit, but it was all good. We were professionals, dude. Slipped out to the smoking area, where that lazy bum would never attempt to go to. We smoked two joints each, and completely adapted to the colors of the world behind sunglasses. Lol. This was followed by a Cappuccino each, then some freakin' delicious blueberry muffin at the place Ben (Carly's friend) works. That, and everything just tastes extra good when you're high anyways.

We got to a bar after Ben's done with work to wait for Kyle to be done with his, and when he finally caught up, everyone hopped on the bus to go back to Claremont Village to get food and drinks for a stoners' night. The shopping was really fun. We got all the most fattening food, and 1368217984087 balloons to fill up the house later on. Got a taxi that appeared almost an hour after our call to get back to Carly and Mel's from Claremont Village.

Dinner was some, uh, some chicken dish. Whatever it actually was, it was goooood. Carly's a good chef, I give her that. And while she was cooking, everyone else was blowing balloons. All after another joint each, of course. So. Dinner, checked. Balloons, checked. Next we had some made-up balloon games which actually seemed pretty good. Like seriously. With rules and shit. And I won, so the games were definitely good. And after that there's the definitive and mandatory stoners' movie. Smiley Face, 2007. When this happened, I was sure I was watching something and remembered some details, but now as I try to recall it, I'm not quite sure. Which means that I really did watch it. Makes sense? No? Good.
Toilet. FULL of balloons. It's like bubble bath, with ALL the colors and without the water. Photo is shaky, good representation of my state of mind.

Then comes... 1AM. Bedtiem. The end.

Oh, wait. On an unrelated note, I absolutely abhor Visual Communication. It's a shit unit. It's true they get you exposed to different visual art making techniques, which is cool, but the subject limits too much of one's freedom to create. All you do for even major projects is follow examples. It's an approved syllabus and successful method, yes. I just don't like it. Not one bit.

Stay tuned for more! ;D


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