Friday, August 26, 2011

Daily Dose of dutch #6

Things have been getting busy at school. Getting closer to mid-semester also means deadlines for major assignments are drawing near, and that's definitely not a good thing. I mean, don't get me wrong. I usually try to finish all my projects extra early, so that I get to take longer breaks when they're over and done with, but that's not the case for Visual Communication. Not only is the subject dry as shit, its submission requirement is also a huge load of boring stuff. My next few days of rushing through that dreadful pile of work is going to be hell.

But that aside, last weekend was good. We went to the Republic Bar Saturday afternoon to attend their little music festival One Good Weekend. The bands performing that day were all good. The stuff they wrote was inspiring, original and catchy, and at times really humorous. I also realized playing the violin in an acoustic band is badass. Next goal in my long list of goals: to pick up the violin skill.

I did also spend quite a lot. Around ten raspberry apple orange vodkas, four jagerbombs just to kill brain cells, a pizza and a huge bag of chips. No no, I'm not that irresponsible with money, no. Please don't look at me that way. Okay, yeah. Just a little bit irresponsible, but it doesn't happen every week. Just last weekend. And this. Possibly the next... But there were redeeming points to that pizza: firstly it's a large, shared pizza (so I didn't have to pay for the entire thing), it's also THE BEST pizza I've ever eaten in my ENTIRE life! It's called Peri Peri (which has like chicken and peri peri sauce as indicated by the name and, whatever, it was really fucking gooood)

That same night we also walked around town, past a Subway where I saw this girl who would compete with me every single day at the Art school's library to see who stays longer! Okay, no, it's not a real competition. We don't even know each other, but it feels as though neither of us would leave the library unless the other leaves first. Carly also runs into her all the time, but like me, she never once spoke to her (due to the fact she appears really scary). So we decided, while almost completely wasted, to walk into Subway and order cookies just to make conversation with Mysterious Library Girl (who actually looks pretty damn badass: black eyeliner, two colored hair, beautiful but stone-cold face). So I was like, 'Hi can I get two white chocolates, two double chocolates and one each of the other ones?' and she was like 'Yup. Yup.' - her actions so fast it seemed as though her brain operated faster than normal human beings (omg could she actually be a humanoid? Cyborg? Actual robot? Alien? Vampire?!). Finally I added a 'See you at school', to which she chuckled (like couldn't hold it back) and said 'Yeah'. We exited Subway and were all like 'Holy fucking shit she actually smiled!' and started coming up with name possibilities as we realized we never learned her name. 1095718 names after, we decided Veronica sounded about right. Which is hilarious, because we've been referring to her as Veronica all the time now. Like an urban legend or something.

Art-wise, I didn't really do much last week or this week. There's still a couple of life drawings to show you guys but other than that, nope.

Sims-wise, I've just started on an Ellen Page sim (as promised). I find it quite unsettling that no one seems to want to give feedback on it over at the Creator Feedback Forum (at MTS), even though they read the thread and view the pictures. Anyway, here's some screenshots to show roughly you guys the progress:

Personal notes to certain people:

missroxor should return from holiday! D:

Also, Chris Elliott, you're a great person and you deserve better than the stuff they made you suffer from. I say stand up and be all you can be. You can do it buddy.

To my little friend Ngọc (or Denyse, as she'd prefer to be called from now on), I wish you the best in America. You're still silly as fuck, but your potential is limitless. You will do well if you hang around the right people. Whenever there's anything troubling you, do not bottle it up. Find someone you trust. You'll need them, especially now that you're really far from home. Love you kiddo. :)

Happy belated birthday, Roxanne.

Till next time.



Anonymous said...

You know, I had tons to say about this article, but now all I can think of is how on earth you managed to post this TOMORROW. That's mad skillz there man. Maaaaaaad skillz.

Unknown said...

That's an impressive likeness, good work!

Jenipunch said...

Holy crap, Ellen Page.

She looks fantastic, her eyes and lips are nailed and when you compare her to the half of IRL Ellen, it's almost uncanny. But in the main Sim pictures, the sides of her nose are very heavily lined. IRL Ellen's is softer, so it throws off the likeness a bit.

Am I making sense there? Hmmm